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A Little something about me…


It’s difficult for me to write aggregate about me over here but I will still give it a shot…


  • I’m an admirer with very strong Intuition.
  • I’m a continuous disciple with experiential Positive Attitude.
  • I’m highly Ambitious, Self-motivated & Growth seeker individual.
  • I’m man of Action & walk what I talk.

My Values

  • Flourish Everyday – Intellectually, Emotionally and Spiritually
  • Learn Everyday – Being better than last moment
  • Return to Society – Contribute towards another people’s well-being
  • Be Myself – Be true to self and others
  • Do what you Love & Love what you Do.
  • Be Grateful for the Moment, Life is never Predictable.
  • Give your Best….. Every Single Second.
  • Stop Existing … and Start Living.
  • It always seems Impossible till we Start Doing It.

My Beliefs

  • We are what we are today because of our habits & beliefs.
  • We create what we think- We Design our own World.
  • There are not at all any problems in life, it’s only sequences of situations- and everything depends on how we deal with the situations.
  • Human Mind is marvelous- can create astonishing miracles.
  • Each action either results in earning or learning; so never stop, keep doing.
  • Change is the only Constant- Change starts from within, we have to look inside before we seek outside for any solutions.
  • Doing Right things in the Right way can only get you the Right results. What works for someone else, may not work for everyone.

Reasons I Coach for

  • Life coaching & counselling gives me a new way to live my life values on a day to day basis.
  • I learn & flourish daily when I interact with my clients.
  • I coach because it’s my passion & I very strongly believe that this is my life’s purpose, moreover want to return to society.
  • I get a powerful sense of pleasure when I see my clients making a permanent shift (Transformation) in their lives and live life for their own causes.

I believe that the essence of counselling is contained in the relationship between you and I, where you are free to explore new ideas, behaviours, and ways of being. I also believe that feedback is a key part of the counselling process. Basically, if there is going to be a relationship between us, I can’t just sit there, nod my head and say ‘Hmmm, how does that make you feel?’ That just isn’t enough.

I also provide general mental health counselling for people struggling with depression, anxiety, and other mood disorders.