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Anxiety Handling

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Anxiety Handling

Anxiety is a normal, predictable part of life.

However, people with an anxiety disorder are essentially phobic about the feeling state of anxiety and they will go to great extend to avoid it. Some people experience generalised anxiety disorder (GAD), excessive anxiety about real-life concerns, such as money, relationships, health and academics.

Others struggle with society anxiety, and worry about being evaluated or embarrassing themselves. The bottom line is that people can experience anxiety, and anxiety disorders, related to just about anything.

Whether you have occasional anxiety or a diagnosable disorder, the good news is that you can take small, effective and straightforward steps every day to manage and minimize your anxiety.

Most of these steps contribute to a healthy and fulfilling life, overall. For instance, making some basic lifestyle changes can do wonders for someone coping with elevated anxiety.

Some 15 small steps you can take today…

  • Take a Deep Breath
  • Get Active
  • Sleep Well
  • Challenge an Anxious Thought
  • Say an Encouraging Statement
  • Stay Connected to Positive People
  • Avoid Caffeine
  • Avoid Mind-Altering Substances
  • Do Something You Love, Enjoy
  • Take A Break
  • Problem-Solve
  • Pick Up a Book
  • Engage in Calming Practices
  • Accept Your Anxiety
  • Contact A Counsellor