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Child-Parent Counselling

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Child Parent Counselling

When the conflicts occur between parent and child, this does not mean the child is bad, and it does not mean the parent or parents are bad. It just means they are different.

Parents always keep pursuing on children’s success & prosperity, they are always indulged in this lifetime efforts. And as a result of this thought process parents always try to decide what is good or bad for their children… No doubt, this is “The Best” feeling!

Parents have been through real experiences of their lives, understanding all the factors of lives, and also wants children to experience their lives in same process- because it is the safest approach, the known approach. … No doubt, this is “The Best” thought!

But we forget basic fundamentals of life…

As the time & trend passes, experience of life also changes, realities changes, and their outcomes changes. In fact, in real, with time, every situation in outer world changes, and parents, based on their experiences, wants children to follow the same old life patterns… Will it really work? Time comes with new challenges, every time; then how earlier experiences & understandings will be able to guide on latest challenges?

By following such path, as parents, are we not really restricting children’s ability to learn, experience & explore new challenges and opportunities of life? Every challenge creates a new opportunity for child, and just by safer parenting we are keeping our children away from this Golden Opportunity. In real sense, parents must focus on children’s Character Building, rather than Future Building.

In academic exams, everyone has same questions to be answered, but in real life exams, everyone, all individuals, faces all put together different questions… No copying or guiding might help!

What the parents may not realize is that the source of conflict does not necessarily arise when a child first communicates opposition to a parental command or but may arise out of how the parent feels about and addresses the child’s opposition, and to overcome from this, if you need counselling about your parenting skills, InnerWellBeing can provide you all the help you need.