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Handling Difficult Phases of Life Issues

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Handling Difficult Phases of Life Issues

Based on our past experiences & imaginaries, we keep on assuming good & bad about our future. To avoid future’s grief, we keep on planning today… but, can we solve future’s problems but working today on their root causes? Is it really worth?

Actually, Truth is that, for both nature & people, problems & it’s solutions both are created together only. Just go to history, you will surely find that problems & their solutions both were generated together only- it’s Nature’s Law…

Every individual, who overcomes a situation in life, becomes more stronger compared to the earlier stage of life; he is better in terms of self-confidence . Actually, occurrence of any situation is an opportunity to enhance your capabilities & explore new possibilities of life. In this given situation you can also raise your thoughts & standards in all manners. Whoever can deal with these situations, he will lead the life & whoever cannot deal with these situations, he himself will be situation or problem for the universe…

You cannot mold the situations or challenges according to you in life, but you can always enhance yourself according to challenges of life -this is secret of success & happiness.

Entering a new phase of life can be deeply disorienting, disrupt your sense of self, and cause painful emotional upheaval. Life events such as divorce, retirement, entering middle age, being diagnosed with an illness, and becoming an empty nester are experiences that many people commonly struggle to deal with.

For some, the struggle to manage life changes is so profound that it interferes with your ability to live a healthy, joyful life. Major life transitions can leave you questioning your place in the world, isolate you from loved ones, and cause serious anxiety about the future. You may find yourself behaving in ways that are out of the norm for you, taking unhealthy risks, and acting irresponsibly as you attempt to make sense of your identity and manage difficult emotions.

Symptoms of Phase of Life issues include:

  • Deep insecurity
  • Persistent worrying and intrusive thoughts
  • Acting out of character, including engaging in reckless behaviour
  • Overwhelming hopelessness

The support and guidance of counselling during stage of life struggles can be very useful. A strong counselling will include new strategies to cope with life’s changes and outline goals in a step-by-step manner. During counselling sessions, you learn how to identify and express their feelings about the current challenges they are facing.  Counselling can also help the person evaluate the challenges more completely, fine additional sources of support and normalize the experiences he/she is encountering at that time.