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Master Your Professional Growth

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Many individuals spend important years of their lives working at dissatisfying jobs. They keep on telling themselves lies about why they need to stay connected to their jobs- the benefits are too good, the pay is too high, and the job market is too volatile. They continue to live their lives within the confines of the weekends, the only moments thee can enjoy themselves!

Whereas other group of people are more fortunate. They have found jobs that they enjoy, which motivates them to work harder and harder. These individuals are inspired to seek professional growth opportunities and frequently climb up the ladder quickly- standing out for their unmotivated peers. They not only enjoy their work that they do, but they also want to get better and then best at it.

Unfortunately, even the individuals that enjoy their jobs often find themselves falling short of the life they envisioned. Other areas of their lives suffer, with relationships often taking the biggest hi. And how could they not? Relationships take sacrifices and time to maintain and improve. It is difficult to balance a plethora of aspirational professional goals with the effort necessary to sustain healthy relationships.

Professional development without personal growth is a life devoid of meaning and happiness devoid of depth.

When you seek to grow as a professional without addressing the most important variable- Yourself- then you are setting yourself up for failure. Unhappiness finds its way to people when they are not invested in improving who they are and interested in learning more about themselves.

If you are hold in a job you don’t like to make money that you can spend on the weekend, there is nothing innately wrong with that. The only problem is you are wasting your precious time being miserable, which means that you are not truly valuing yourself.

People fail to realize that you are your most valuable asset. When you seek professional goals without also working on personal challenges, then no matter what you acquire, it won’t bring lasting happiness. You will meet and surpass the professional goals that you set for yourself, but you won’t feel a deep sense of fulfilment–you’ll only feel fear and inadequacy. You’ll feel starved to achieve something more, something even bigger than before, and then you’ll get to the end of your life realizing that you missed it.

You’ll come to see that your pleasures were superficial. Your focus on the peak prevented you from enjoying the climb.

Don’t allow yourself to become a robot that only cares about the goals society tells you are important. Whether you feel stuck in a job that you don’t like or are too focused on professional goals rather than personal development, you need to start taking your time and yourself seriously.