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Basically, counselling is a process that allows you to work through issues that may be causing you distress or confusion with a person who is experienced to help you. At Inner wellbeing counsellor is very experienced, compassionate and non-judgemental in his approach. My job is to listen, understand and help you to find solutions to your problems. I will also help you being able to talk to someone who recognize your strengths and capabilities, and who will give you practical, concrete support to deal with issues, and can be just help you to get through this crisis. I don’t provide helpline services but we give a personal counselling with a definite solution.


I am accomplished, to maintain the confidentiality of this information and providing you with information regarding our privacy practices. Information about your appointments are extremely confidential and cannot be disclosed to others without your written consent. Any recorded and information about your appointments at our Counselling Centre will not be part of your academic record.