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How It Works

How It Works…

Tools for a whole Life

When you pay for something at the store, don’t you expect to come away with something solid, something that you possess in exchange for what you paid? Wouldn’t it be nice if counselling could be the same way?

I believe that there isn’t much point in going to counselling if things aren’t really going to change. More importantly, I also feel that you should come away from your counselling with something solid, something that you possess, that changes how you face future challenges. I believe in Transformation.

You get tools for dealing with what you are facing right now and tools for dealing with whatever comes next.

One of my goals as your counsellor is for you to come away from your counselling feeling renewed, with increased confidence in your ability to handle life. I also want you to experience an increased sense of wholeness.

Life’s experiences can leave us feeling fractured, bruised, and wounded. No one wants to go through life wounded, but it can be hard to put the pieces back together when the challenges come one right after another. I take the time to help you pick up the pieces, and I help you develop the tools that put your life together and keep it whole, long after your counselling is completed.

My Prime Goal for You is to...

  • Have your first appointment with me within 1-3 business days of when you first contact me.
  • Feel heard and accepted for who you are and what you believe.
  • Know that you can change your life anytime you want to.
  • Receive meaningful feedback about beliefs and behaviours that aren’t working anymore.
  • Receive support that will help you make necessary changes.
  • Feel capable and effective in your life.
  • Experience a warm, caring relationship with your counsellor.
  • Find resources that will help you maintain the changes you choose to make.
  • Laugh every day and have a life filled with peace and simple joy.
  • End your time in counselling feeling that you have achieved your personal goals.
  • I respect your beliefs and the way you express your beliefs, and I am happy to work with you in the context of beliefs.